Established in 1914, St. George’s School is a small independent school situated in Dunstable, Bedfordshire which has a long standing reputation for harmonising the best of contemporary teaching practice with a traditional regard for academic excellence and the individual child. Recognising that a secure and happy child will learn effectively, the school places great emphasis on providing a stable but diverse learning environment.

Being a small school

It is our vision to fully embrace the opportunity offered by our small school environment. There is no doubt  that children flourish within such an  the environment with the ethos of developing the individual child.  Published research suggests the following:

  • Personal attention leads to a sense of identity and a belief that effort is worthwhile
  • Teachers work as a team – all fully support the ethos of developing the individual child therefore we are not hampered by differing philosophies
  • Small schools tend to be caring places
  • Children in small schools are secure, work hard and co-operate effectively – happy and proud to accept responsibility, have self-esteem and behave very well.

An Ofsted review of primary education states that smaller schools have:

  • A better quality of teaching
  • A positive ethos with family atmosphere
  • Close links between parents and staff
  • Higher standards of behaviour
  • Higher national curriculum results

A child will realise their full potential when they develep a healthy sense of well-being and a true feeling of belonging. Within their individual small groups and the small community as a whole children learn to treat others with respect and also feel respected. They take responsibility for their environment  and develop a sense of ownership.

Our own Ofsted Report  (February, 2011) judged us to be Outstanding in the area of Behaviour:

Pupils work and play together exceptionally well and their behaviour is excellent in lessons and on the playground. . . . . . pupils appreciate the warm and caring environment they are taught in.

Being an independent school

There are significant advantages to being an independent school.  We are in a unique position to offer a curriculum that is relevant to the times we live in and is specially designed to address the educational needs of the whole child – we are not tied to the national curriculum and the latest political directive – we are in a position to choose what aspect of both we wish to follow.  We do not need to follow unproven trends but are able to follow tried and tested teaching methods.

Also, independent schools which belong to larger groups of schools are tied to their traditions and trustees.  We however are able to respond, adapt, manage and develop our curriculum to meet the requirements of the children attending the school at any one time.  This enables us at all times to deliver the highest level of education and care.