Here at St George’s we believe that a child will flourish when they feel a valuable and contributing member of a community. Children who feel safe, happy and have self confidence are more likely to be motivated to fulfil their true potential. At school we encourage this by offering them opportunities to be part of different communities and to voice their opinions, including a School Council and the House system.

School Council

The primary aim of the School Council is to give our children a voice. Having a School Council gives the children ownership of their school community and shows them that their opinions are valued and listened to.

There are many important life skills that can be developed by having a School Council such as decision making, taking responsibility, teamwork and developing economic and financial awareness, all ways of making sure that we are helping our children to become confident individuals and responsible citizens.

The School Council consists of one democratically elected representative from each year group along with the Head Boy, Head Girl and members of staff.

House System

We have two houses at St George’s which are Earl and Meredith. Every child is assigned to one of theses when they join the school. These houses compete on a weekly basis to score the highest housepoint total. Housepoints are earnt as a reward for things such as good behaviour, effort, work, politeness and kindness. As outlined in our behaviour policy housepoints can be lost. Individual totals are recorded and rewarded as appropriate. The houses also compete during our annual Sport’s Day event.