The Forest School site on our grounds greatly enriches the curriculum for the children at St. George’s School. It is led by Sophie Breese, who is a fully qualified leader in Forest Schooling.

The Forest School ethos is to allow children to learn and explore, increasing self-esteem and gaining confidence within an outdoor learning environment: through nature.

Children experience outdoor learning in a flexible, self-led, adult-led way; ensuring that they learn and use their imagination through new experiences; becoming highly motivated, confident, enthusiastic learners and explorers. Children learn how to safely use different outdoor tools such as peelers, bow saws, and drills. These are adult supervised and safety rules are taught to the children. They learn in a variety of weathers and in all seasons; this is all part of Forest School.

Children take at least 6 sessions throughout the year. The Forest School enhances their curriculum and very much supports their development in becoming self-motivated, independent learners.