Our children benefit from a broad diverse curriculum aimed at stimulating and challenging their minds encouraging them to investigate and develop a love of learning. Some areas are taught by teachers particularly dedicated to that subject and we also have teachers with specialisms in particular areas such as Science, Dance, Literacy and Maths who design exciting and challenging programmes of learning to ensure pupils are fulfilled and further inspired from their time with us.

Our curricular subjects are Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Reasoning, Geography, History, Art, Design and Technology, Religious Education, Computing, Forest School, Design and Food technology. We use the National Curriculum as our basis but we develop and enhance it to ensure the optimum learning experience for our pupils.

Lessons are presented in a variety of formats such as whole school teaching (Citizenship), team teaching (Technologies:  Food, Gardening, Forest School and Design) and class teaching (groups of up to fourteen children with a teacher supported at most times by a Learning Support Assistant) ensure continued interest and enthusiasm of all children.