At St. George’s Independent School, we offer extra lunchtime and after school clubs. Some of these are academic clubs – they will be informal, low key and fun and will be aimed at enhancing and where appropriate, extending the current curriculum.  The academic clubs carry a small charge. We limit the number of children to 8 to provide the best environment and there will be 8 sessions each term.  

These are the clubs on offer:

  • KS 2 Maths Club
  • KS 1 Maths Club
  • KS 2 Reading Comprehension Club
  • KS 1 Reading Club
  • Grammar and Punctuation Club
  • Art and Craft Club
  • KS 2 Football Club
  • KS 2 Reasoning Club
  • Science Club
  • Exploring Music Club
  • Forest School
  • French Club
  • Spoken English
  • Dance Club

Attached is the latest timetable for all the extra-curricular activities with charges where appropriate and number of sessions.