Our children benefit from a broad diverse curriculum aimed at stimulating and challenging their minds encouraging them to investigate and develop a love of learning.    Some areas are taught by teachers particularly dedicated to that subject and we also have teachers with specialisms in particular areas such as Science, Drama, Literacy and Maths who design exciting and challenging programmes of learning to ensure pupils are fulfilled and further inspired from their time with us.

Our curricular subjects are Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Verbal Reasoning,  Geography, History, Art, Design and Technology, Religious Education,  ICT, and Food technology. We use the National Curriculum as our basis but we develop and enhance it to ensure the optimum learning experience for our pupils.

Lessons are presented in a variety of formats such as whole school teaching (Citizenship), team teaching (Technologies:  Food, ICT, Textile, Design) and class teaching (groups of up to twelve children with a teacher supported at most times by a Learning Support Assistant) ensure continued interest and enthusiasm of all children.

Physical Education

From Reception age, pupils attend swimming lessons at the local swimming pool,  taught by specialist teachers,  and steadily work through their grades (Kellogs ASA swimming awards).

Using the local gymnastic facilities, pupils also take gymnastic classes, again progressing through the structured levels of the BAGA awards.

During our Summer Term we work on Athletics in preparation for our Sports’ Day at the end of that Term.    Throughout the year we also play football, netball, hockey, rounders and other team games.   Children also have the opportunity of joining in extra-curricular sports activities.

The Creative Arts

At St. Georges school we believe that for every child to reach their full potential, academic and otherwise, they must feel a confident and appreciated member of their school community.  This self-confidence is built through creative arts, as every child’s creative development is fostered and encouraged.

It has always been fundamental to our ethos that each child is given every opportunity within the school, to recognise and develop their individual talents.  This explains the emphasis we put on creative development at St. Georges.

Each year we work, as a whole school, towards a school play that every child at the school is included in.  As well as rehearsing as a school the children are also given the opportunity of building their confidence by rehearsing in small group or individual sessions and, wherever possible every child will perform a singing, dance or acting solo should they wish.  At the end of the academic year we have a presentation evening where every child can showcase their talents to the parents.  Again, should children be unconfident at first, they will be given the opportunity to practise in small groups.

It has been a long standing tradition at St. Georges for the children to take part in English Speaking Board exams.  We have year on year success in these exams and they really boost the children’s confidence are an excellent platform for nurturing presentation skills that will prove invaluable in their later life.

We also offer extra-curricular one to one drama lessons, which allow the children to develop their acting skills in an undaunting environment.  In these lessons the children work towards LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) qualifications in Acting and Speaking of Verse and Prose.

Each year children from the school are entered into the Bedfordshire Festival of Music and Dramatic Arts.  This allows the children to perform in front of larger audiences in a competitive environment and in recent years children from St. Georges have had great success in this.

All children take part in curriculum based music lessons throughout the school.  They are also offered peripatetic music lessons in a range of instruments including piano, drums, guitar, recorder.  Every child, independent of their ability, is also offered to be a member of the school choir and performs in various concerts throughout the year.

The children also have dance lessons once a week in the summer term.  These lessons are an enjoyable introduction to different styles of dance and give the children a chance to choreograph their own dances.  Children are given the chance to perform these dances to their parents at the end of year presentation evening and throughout the year in assemblies.  Children are also offered the opportunity of working towards ballet qualifications in extra-curricular, small group ballet lessons.