Many children at some time will benefit from extra support in one or more areas of their learning.     This may be due to short-term difficulties or long term barriers such as dyslexia.  It is accepted that the earlier such needs are addressed the better the child will learn to overcome them.     We are trained an experienced in recognising any difficulties early and we put in place support very quickly – this may be in the form or one-to-one extra help or small group learning ie: 3 or 4 pupils in a group.

We cater for all needs whether they are educational, emotional, physical or behavioural and have always seen it as a priority to ensure that they have full access to the curriculum.

We offer excellence and choice to each child whatever their ability or needs and we have high expectations of all our children. We aim to achieve this through the removal of barriers to learning and participation. We want all children to feel valued and will look for particular strengths whether they are academic or creative. We understand that all children have different educational, behavioural, emotional and physical needs and require different strategies for learning. They acquire, absorb and communicate information at different rates and that they need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences to achieve.

We feel that as a small school we have certain strengths these are:

  • Our small classes which allow children with extra needs to be taught within their normal learning groups and where individual attention can be given when needed.
  • Our competent learning support assistants who are experienced in working alongside our teachers and independently depending on the needs of the class. They work closely with the teacher and are familiar with each child’s individual needs.
  • Differentiation within our planning which enables each child to work at their own pace and to receive one-one support if needed with assessment used to inform the next stage of learning.
  • Good parent teacher relations – we talk daily to all parents and regularly update them on their child’s progress.

Our teachers are dedicated to providing support for all children. Through their planning they look for ways to develop children’s understanding by using a range of experiences. Differentiated planning enables each child to participate in physical and practical activities. They help children to manage their behaviour and to take part in learning effectively and safely and help them to manage their emotions, particularly trauma or stress.

At all points we communicate with parents to ensure we are all working together to best support the pupils.  Individual educational plans are created with realistic targets that are updated regularly, at least one every half term.  If it is required, external professionals are brought in to help identify and support educational needs.