Latest News

  1. Music Week!

    Music Week was a very noisy affair this year with Percussion being the key theme of the week. First, children were very thrilled to welcome Maria, who ran an exciting World Percussion workshop and taught children how to play Latin rhythms using djembe drums, claves and tambourims to make a samba band, led by Maria’s samba whistle.

    Later in the week Mr Marshall, the school drum teacher came to visit. He showed children all different styles of drumming, ranging from jazz to rock to latin, and let some lucky volunteers have a go the different parts of the kit, working together to create a beat.

    Trying out the drum set

  2. English Speaking Board Examinations 2017

    The ESB exams were held on Wednesday 24th May. We had nineteen children entered and they had all worked hard preparing poems, readings and presentations. These are valuable skills and will be of great benefit to our pupils in their future school life.

    The presentations this year varied from playing the guitar, making cross stitch cushions and learning karate to baking cakes, knitting for premature babies and comparing different dance styles.

    After a short wait the results were in and we were extremely pleased to hear that all the children had passed with either a Merit, Merit Plus or Distinction.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part.

    We now look forward to the Presentation Evening on the 7th July when the children will be presented with their well-deserved certificates.

  3. A day at the zoo

    We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day for our trip to the zoo. The sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky, as we slathered on the sun cream and excitedly boarded the coach for Whipsnade Zoo.

    We split into two groups, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and made our way round the zoo, guided by our children’s interests. Our favourites included lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes,chimps and hippos, who were all out to greet us (other than the tiger who hid from KS1), despite the heat. We also go to see the brand new elephant house, recently opened by the Queen. The sunny weather meant we were able to have a lovely picnic in the shade of a tree, watching the steam train.

    We couldn’t spend too much time on lunch though as we wanted to see as many animals as possible! As well as seeing most of the animals outside, both groups also had the opportunity to take part in a private workshop, continuing the work we have been doing on endangered species. Here, the children became ‘scientists’ and were shown lots of evidence of different animals. From these clues they had to work out the animal and the reason it may have become endangered. The children really enjoyed the activity and because they worked so hard they were rewarded with a treat – stroking a royal python! Almost all the children (and staff!) were brave enough to have a little touch and everyone was surprised at how warm and smooth the snake felt.

    By the end of the day everybody was exhausted but in agreement it had been a thoroughly good trip. Highlights of the day for KS1 included unexpectedly seeing baby crocodiles in a pool in the butterfly house, and the giant hippo opening its mouth and doing a huge yawn right in front of us so we got to see its enormous teeth. KS2 were triumphant about managing to spot the tiger and their other best bit was seeing the elephants playing together and even squirting water.


  4. Key Stage 2 Games

    This term we have been learning how to play volleyball. We have learnt the skills of serving, hitting and having rallies. We are split into three teams and each week we compete in a mini league. We are very excited to share some photographs of us playing!

  5. Computing

    Years 1 and 2 have been learning programming using the Bee Bot floor robots. Over the last couple of weeks they have been designing their own maps to navigate the robots around. Today we have been testing these maps out and writing down the commands.

    image2  Bee Bot robots

  6. Knitting club’s latest project

    The leaders of Knitting Club

    We are delighted to report that our fantastic Knitting Club has a new project and it couldn’t be for a better cause. Led by three Year 5 & 6 girls, Chanel, Kelly and Hannah, the children in Knitting Club have been working hard to knit little blankets, hats and soft toys for premature babies at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

    It was the girls’ own idea and their friends were more than happy to help. The girls explained, ‘Chanel’s mum usually makes a donation to the unit and she suggested maybe we would like to donate something. We decided that we would make things in Knitting Club to donate. We have been putting the blankets, hats and soft toys in bundles like gift packs for the babies. We’ve been knitting in all our spare time! So far we’ve made ten packs but we will keep going and are hoping to make it a regular thing. Every month or term, one of our mums will drop in the gifts we have made to the hospital.’

    We are so proud of all the children involved and wish them well with such a worthwhile project.

  7. Pancake Day!

    Reception class had a pancake-themed day of activities at school to mark Shrove Tuesday. During the course of the day they wrote sentences about their favourite pancakes, talked about how pancakes are made and then ‘bought’ the ingredients they would need by counting out the correct money. In guided play the children made playdough pancakes, coloured in pancake pictures and read pancake stories.

    Pancake day calculations  Pancake Day discussions

  8. Visit to the Hindu Mandir

    On the 22nd February Year 1- 6 went to visit a local Hindu Mandir in Dunstable. We observed a welcoming service and had a talk about the basic beliefs and practices of Hinduism, which we have been studying this term in RE. They were most welcoming and the children enjoyed finding out about the religion.

  9. A Reception Shopping Spree

    The Reception Class Shop

    There was great excitement in the Reception class today as we transformed the Home Corner into our very own shop. To tie in with our work on recognising coins and counting money,  the children thoroughly enjoyed their role-play, filling their shopping bags with goodies and paying for them at the till.

    Shopping 3 Shopping Spree!