Photos: Tudor Day

Never has so much velvet been seen in one place at one time, as at St George’s School on Tudor Day.

The school was awash with little Tudor kings, queens and noblemen all gathered together to learn about the time of King Henry VIII. Led by musician and historian Richard York, the children (and teachers) were taught a variety of Tudor dances and music. Mr York brought in an astonishing array of authentic instruments including harps, drums, recorders, baroque bagpipes, crumhorns and rebecs.

He gave each class a fascinating talk about how the Tudor’s lived, from the clothes they wore and the lives of the rich and poor, to the role and impact of Henry VIII and his six wives. Then he demonstrated all his instruments and afterwards the children were delighted to be trusted to have a go themselves in order to make their own music.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day and learned  a lot.

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