‘Cheeky Charlie looked like such a good boy. He had black hair, big blue eyes and wore glasses and a white jumper his mum chose. He looked quite sweet, at first. But the jumper soon got dirty as he was always spilling paint down it or splashing in muddy puddles and getting wet. Cheeky Charlie was a naughty boy…’

But just how naughty? When Reception class came up with this description of St George’s newest hero for Literacy Week, it was up to the rest of the school to continue the story and record all his most mischievous adventures in our very own book.

Class by class the children discussed the plot so far, shared their ideas and added to the story, making sure everyone had contributed something. They all worked very hard and put forward their suggestions with enthusiasm and imagination. When Years 4,5 and 6 had made the final touches and given Cheeky Charlie a happy ending (spoiler alert!) the whole school got together for Story Time to hear what we had come up with. Everyone was very pleased with the result!

St George’s very first Cheeky Charlie adventure can now be found proudly displayed in the library, written out beautifully by the children, illustrated and laminated, with cover art by Cameron (Year 6) and Munashe (Year 3) who jointly won the ‘Design a Cover Competition’.

For a sneaky peak at our book, see below! And watch this space. We think this won’t be the last you hear of Cheeky Charlie…

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