by Zara (Year 2)

A Life Bus came to our school on Tuesday 3rd February.  First on the Life Bus we were looking at the parts of the body.  We learnt about the heart, ribs, brain, lungs and veins.  We met a doll called Tam.  The lady on the bus asked some of us to press the buttons on Tam to show parts of her body.  We learnt that the brain helps you think, the heart pumps blood and it goes around your body and the lungs help you breathe air.  Eventually we moved over to something else we met a puppet called Sam he was not feeling too well.  He had a sore throat.  Suddenly he said to the lady that he had been sharing medicine with his friend but his friend had a chest cough.  the lady said not to share medicine.  Next we were talking about how you need exercise, sleep, water, food and fresh air.  We were feeling detectives, the lady had some pictures and we had to guess the feeling in the picture.  After that we talked about who could help us.  Finally we watched a clip about Harold the giraffe.  They had a dressing up party and KiKi was there but she forgot her costume so she was sad.  We talked about how we could make her feel better.

I enjoyed it when we were talking about the body, especially the bits I didn’t know before.  I thought the life bus was really fun and educational.

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