On the 20th of October all the children (and quite a few of the staff!) participated in the sponsored fitness circuit with Alastair Patrick-Heselton, the Paralympic footballer.

The circuit consisted of four exercises all of which the children managed to complete in the time given. It was an energetic but enjoyable half hour and having an Olympic athlete to encourage them helped spur everyone on to the end.

After the fitness session we were all treated to an inspirational talk from Alastair. The children were absolutely captivated by his story and had many questions to ask about his life before and after becoming a Paralympic athlete.

It was a truly inspiring event and we will all be watching out next year, hoping to see Alastair competing in the Olympic Games in Rio.

The total raised from the sponsored fitness circuit was an amazing £1,714 out of which the school will benefit from some new sports equipment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their support in what was a fantastic and very worthwhile event.

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