We have recently started a School Council and would like to tell you a little about this new and exciting development for our school.

The primary aim of the School Council is to give our children a voice. Having a School Council gives the children ownership of their school community and shows them that their opinions are valued and listened to.

There are many important life skills that can be developed by having a School Council such as decision making, taking responsibility, teamwork and developing economic and financial awareness, all ways of making sure that we are helping our children to become confident individuals and responsible citizens.
The School Council consists of one democratically elected representative from each class along with the Head Boy, Head Girl, members of Staff and the Head Teacher.

This year’s School Council members are George Chikombora, Ryan Smartson, Constance O’Connor Daniel Samson, Kelly Dhliwayo and Fabio Sansone.

The council members will be keeping you informed of any decisions, events and activities taking place and I am sure you will join me in wishing them well in this exciting new venture.

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