Children on a numeracy challenge

The week starting January 11th was the annual Numeracy Week here at St George’s School. This year we wanted to focus on seeing numeracy in ‘action’ and finding out its’ importance in the world around us. Each class spent the week looking for ‘Numeracy around the school’. We looked for it in the playground, corridors and class rooms. Through the week we discussed our findings and each class produced a Numeracy Trail. The trails were made up of a series of questions that the children needed to investigate such as:

  • How many tyres are there in the playground?
  • What shape is the garage door handle?
  • How many pieces of work are displayed on the notice board?

We then shared our trails in the Friday assembly before tackling the trails by working our way around the school. It was amazing how important numeracy proved to be in the way the school works. Key Stage 2 used Numeracy to research different jobs and how they use numeracy, they then presented their findings. One things was clear from all their projects numeracy is very important to almost all jobs.