Shetland pony and children 

On Tuesday 9th February as part of Science week we had a visit from Animal Ark the mobile farm “Where the animals come to you.” All the children from the Nursery to Year 6 were excited to see a playground full of animals. There was a wide variety of animals to see from goats, sheep and ducks to chickens, a Shetland pony and a dog. We were also lucky enough to have some piglets. It was their first time away from the farm so the children had to be especially quiet around them.

After the initial safety talk they were introduced to each animal given information about them and encouraged to ask questions. We were then able to get into the pens with the animals giving a real opportunity to see each one up close. They were keen to touch the animals and feel the differences between feathers, fur, wool and hair. The sheep and the Shetland pony were real favourites.

The ducks enjoyed escaping from the pens and spent much of their time running around the playground and making a lot of noise which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

We were told that the dog did live on the farm although he was not a farm dog however he was extremely popular with the children and the staff due to his very friendly nature.

The children have been learning about animals during their Science lessons and this was an opportunity for them to gain a greater understanding. By the end of the morning they had all increased their knowledge further and had a truly memorable experience.

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