As part of the enrichment activities in this year’s literacy week, musician and storyteller Richard York visited the school to captivate us with some traditional tales. The stories he tells have entertained for centuries, changing little by little throughout their journeys across the world and generations. His storytelling was interspersed with musical interludes, introducing the children to this historical pairing with traditional instruments.

The children heard lots of stories with morals and lessons, although the children were encouraged to interpret the meaning and morals individually. They were also thrilled by some more light hearted and silly stories. A particular favourite was ‘The day the man watched the house’- the story of a farmer who couldn’t understand what his wife did all day, until one day she offered to swap jobs. The farmer’s wife went out and harvested hay while the farmer watched the house and the baby. It didn’t take long before the farmer realised that looking after a house and a baby was not at all easy after all! In fact, by the time the wife returned there was a cow on the roof, a pig in the kitchen, the baby covered in cream on the floor, ale flooding the basement and, as for her husband…he was upside down with his head stuck in a huge cooking pot! 

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