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As Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Every child is an artist’ and the children of St George’s School certainly proved that to be true when the great man himself turned up to give a masterclass.

Paul Priestley, artist and impersonator, delighted both pupils and staff when he arrived, beret on, paintbrush in hand and introduced himself, in Spanish, as Pablo Picasso. A fascinating morning was spent learning about Picasso’s childhood, his life and his many loves. We were given an insight into the art he created, from the first piece he sold at just seven years old, to the final famous self-portrait painted a year before his death, aged 91. The children learned to ‘read shapes’ and explored the things they could see in his more abstract modern works.

Later our budding artists were taught how to draw faces, Picasso-style, observing them from different angles and piecing them together to create their own pictures. Rubbers were off-limits and the children learned that there are no such things as mistakes in Art. Once they had sketched their face they were let loose on the paint. They were challenged to copy their design straight onto A3 paper using only a paintbrush and then paint it with similar colours on the colour wheel, plus one opposite colour as an accent.

All the children had a lovely, creative day and produced paintings Picasso would have been proud of.

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