Never before have the sounds of horses been heard trotting through the school, or the melodies of swishing grass filled the classrooms – that is, until Music Week 2016.

This year’s Music Week was all about exploring different styles of music and sound. One of the main activities was the Sound Effects Challenge. The children took on the roles of Foley artists and were given the task of creating a narrative which they had to bring to life and record with sound effects from a given list. Armed with a box of percussion instruments and random household objects, the way they produced these sound effects was completely up to them and their own ingenuity. All age groups had a great time experimenting with noises (much to the delight of the teachers!) and everyone managed to enjoy the activity at their own level.

There was no let up for the teachers’ ears as Mr Marshall, St George’s resident drum and piano tutor joined us the next day to give his annual drum demo and workshop. Showing off different drum styles ranging from rocky, Bon Jovi beats, to jungle – style drums, to the most jazzy rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ we’d ever heard, Mr Marshall delighted the children with what’s possible on a humble school drum kit. Some lucky volunteers were thrilled to get a go and showcase hidden talents by learning some basic techniques and beats.

To top off the week, Culture Day brought with it the sounds of different nations across the globe, as the children were treated to an eclectic mix of songs and dances from places ranging from South America to France and Africa to Ireland.

Below are some photos some of the highlights of Music Week 2016:

Music Week 1

Music Week 2 Music Week 3

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