Harvest Time at St George’s School is always quite an occasion, as all the children learn where their food has come from and how lucky they are to have enough to eat. The older children have talked about the food bank and various Harvest themed activities have taken place lower down the school, looking at farming, gardening, how the food is grown and the importance of sharing. In Reception, the children have been finding out (from the Little Red Hen) how bread is made, digging up vegetables and even stuffing old clothes with straw to make their very own scarecrow – George – for the vegetable patch.

Of course, our main focus amidst all of this was our Harvest Festival on 5th October at the Priory Church. The Spoken English group performed Harvest poems and delighted parents with their musical adaptation of ‘The Enormous Turnip,’ accompanied in all the songs by the whole school. In preparation for the service, parents and children had kindly been donating food to be presented to the church to pass on to the local food bank. In his address Rev Andrews remarked that he could not believe how much food one small school had collected!

Thank you so much to all the parents who donated for your generosity and to those who took time out to come and see our Harvest Festival. We are very proud of all our children for putting on an excellent performance, once again.

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