Last week was Numeracy Week at St George’s. During this week extra emphasis is placed on Numeracy and this year we focused on showing the children how mathematics is used in daily life. Each class took part in a different everyday activity.

Reception class learned about the Post Office and how numbers help get mail to the right people. They made their own post box and stamps, as well as sending a letter, using the real system.

Years 1 and 2 had some very exciting news as they had a new member join their class, George/ Georgina (a teddy from the attic). As a treat for their new classmate they wanted to get the bear a treat so they visited a local shop and purchased a card and balloon to welcome them to their class. They had to work out how much the items would cost and how much money they needed to pay for them.

Years 3 and 4 took on a baking challenge to make chocolate chip cookies. First they had to work out how much of each ingredient they needed and put that on a shopping list. Then armed with their list and a £5 budget they went to a local supermarket checking the weights and prices as they went. After managing the budget, with change to spare, they had to follow a recipe to make the cookies, carefully measuring out all the ingredients. In the end some yummy cookies were created!

Years 5 and 6 were given a calorie task. They were given a selection of delicious snacks to choose from, ranging from raisins to gingerbread men. Once they had chosen their snacks they had to calculate the number of calories they contained. Then they had to research exercises which would burn off those calories, such as jumping jacks and jogging. In order to enjoy their tasty snack they had to earn it by burning that number of calories. I think some of them regretted their choices but all the snacks went down a treat.


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