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  1. English Speaking Board Examinations 2017

    The ESB exams were held on Wednesday 24th May. We had nineteen children entered and they had all worked hard preparing poems, readings and presentations. These are valuable skills and will be of great benefit to our pupils in their future school life.

    The presentations this year varied from playing the guitar, making cross stitch cushions and learning karate to baking cakes, knitting for premature babies and comparing different dance styles.

    After a short wait the results were in and we were extremely pleased to hear that all the children had passed with either a Merit, Merit Plus or Distinction.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part.

    We now look forward to the Presentation Evening on the 7th July when the children will be presented with their well-deserved certificates.

  2. English Speaking Board Examinations 2016

    This year’s ESB exams were held on Wednesday 25th May. Jenny Jones was the external assessor and she was extremely impressed by the quality of work commenting on how well the children had prepared for the exams.

    We had twenty two children entered and all had prepared poems, readings and presentations. The presentation subjects this year included how to play chess, how to knit, making sweets and traditional food from Zimbabwe.

    After a few weeks the results were with us and what fantastic results they were with the majority of the children receiving Distinctions. We would like to congratulate everyone who took part and commend them for their hard work. We now look forward to the Presentation Evening on the 15th July when the group will perform some poetry and be receiving their certificates.

  3. The Storyteller

    As part of the enrichment activities in this year’s literacy week, musician and storyteller Richard York visited the school to captivate us with some traditional tales. The stories he tells have entertained for centuries, changing little by little throughout their journeys across the world and generations. His storytelling was interspersed with musical interludes, introducing the children to this historical pairing with traditional instruments.

    The children heard lots of stories with morals and lessons, although the children were encouraged to interpret the meaning and morals individually. They were also thrilled by some more light hearted and silly stories. A particular favourite was ‘The day the man watched the house’- the story of a farmer who couldn’t understand what his wife did all day, until one day she offered to swap jobs. The farmer’s wife went out and harvested hay while the farmer watched the house and the baby. It didn’t take long before the farmer realised that looking after a house and a baby was not at all easy after all! In fact, by the time the wife returned there was a cow on the roof, a pig in the kitchen, the baby covered in cream on the floor, ale flooding the basement and, as for her husband…he was upside down with his head stuck in a huge cooking pot! 

  4. English Speaking Board examinations

    This year’s English Speaking Board examinations took place on Thursday 8th of May. We had thirteen children entered at varying levels from the Introductory to Junior Three Grades and once again they each had to recite a poem from heart, read from a favourite book and give a short presentation. The presentation topics ranged from cat robots and playing the drums to skiing and frog anatomy and were all of a high standard.

    John Wilks the examiner was very complimentary about the children’s work commenting on the excellent reading, confident speaking and general supportive attitude shown by the group.

    After a nervous few days we received our results and were thrilled to see that five children had been awarded a Merit Plus and eight had achieved a Distinction.

    Congratulations to all the children who took part in these exams, we are very proud of them. Through their hard work they have had great success and are a credit to the school.

  5. Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

    Wow! What a fantastic (and exhausting) week we have had at the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. All the children entered delivered polished performances with great confidence and enthusiasm. The week started off with a bang as we gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Year 2 class (a feat we have never achieved before!) and 2nd place in the Year 3 category. St. George’s competitors went on to gain many more places and accolades throughout the week, ending on a brilliant high on Friday afternoon with our final entrant, Kelly, achieving 1st place in the Year 4 group. I was so proud of the spirit of good sportsmanship shown by all our entrants. They gave each other unwavering support throughout the week and celebrated each other’s achievements with genuine pride in their schoolmates. A huge congratulations to all our entrants and a big thank you to all their parents for their support.

  6. World Book Day

    By India and Selina (Year 6)

    This year for World Book Day, as part of our Reading Club, we organised different activities for each class. In Reception we read them a Charlie and Lola story which they then coloured in pictures of the characters. In Year 1 we read the story of The Gruffalo and discussed how the different characters might be feeling at points in the story. In Years 2 and 3 we looked at a picture taken from ‘Pipi Longstocking’ and discussed what might be happening, then we read the relevant chapter to compare. In Years 4, 5 and 6 we made a story using the game consequences and designed book covers for it. Overall we had a great day and were given book tokens to take home!

  7. Assessments

    Over the last two weeks all the children from Year 1 – 6 have been working hard on their assessments. In line with the new curriculum the school has introduced a brand new assessment scheme which assesses English and Mathematics. These tests are designed to track each child’s progress throughout the year without the need for National Curriculum levels which are no longer being used from September 2015. The Literacy tests are for Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. The Numeracy tests look at all areas such as number and place value, calculations, mental mathematics and measurements. These tests will then be used to track progress, inform future planning and to set individual targets which will be agreed with the child.

  8. English Speaking Board Examinations 2014

    Friday 9th of May was the day for the ESB exams. The children came prepared to recite their poems, read from their books and give their presentations. This year we had talks on a variety of topics ranging from Build-a-Bear Parties and Making Banana Bread to Knitting and Art. The examiner Ken Melber made the children feel at ease straight away and commented on how much he had enjoyed listening to them and sampling the banana bread!

    After a week the results were in and once again these were of a very high standard. Of the ten children taking the exam one received a Merit Plus and nine achieved a Distinction, the highest grade. Well done children a fantastic set of results.

    We now look forward to the Arts Presentation Evening on the 8th of July when these children will be presenting some work for us and receiving their certificates.

  9. Bedfordshire Festival

    Mrs Newman and I could hardly believe it was that time of year again.  The first week in March brought with it this year’s Bedfordshire Festival of Music and Speech and Drama.  We had a great variety of poems to show this year; some very funny, some a little scary, some rather mysterious and all needing a lot of work to get just right.  The children, as usual, practiced tirelessly; taking on board our comments and putting their own unique twists on their poems.

    Our week started and finished on highs with us claiming third place on our first day and first place on our last day, with many placings and wonderful achievements in between.  We were, once again, so proud of the courage, confidence and good behavior each one of our children demonstrated throughout the process.

    We felt it only right to treat them at the end of what was an exhausting week, and could think of no better way to do that than a trip to Pizza Hut, which was immensely enjoyed by all!  Well done and congratulations to all the participants and thank-you once again to all the parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and grandparents who came to support the children throughout the week.

    Miss Plater

  10. Cheeky Charlie Hijacks Literacy Week

    ‘Cheeky Charlie looked like such a good boy. He had black hair, big blue eyes and wore glasses and a white jumper his mum chose. He looked quite sweet, at first. But the jumper soon got dirty as he was always spilling paint down it or splashing in muddy puddles and getting wet. Cheeky Charlie was a naughty boy…’

    But just how naughty? When Reception class came up with this description of St George’s newest hero for Literacy Week, it was up to the rest of the school to continue the story and record all his most mischievous adventures in our very own book.

    Class by class the children discussed the plot so far, shared their ideas and added to the story, making sure everyone had contributed something. They all worked very hard and put forward their suggestions with enthusiasm and imagination. When Years 4,5 and 6 had made the final touches and given Cheeky Charlie a happy ending (spoiler alert!) the whole school got together for Story Time to hear what we had come up with. Everyone was very pleased with the result!

    St George’s very first Cheeky Charlie adventure can now be found proudly displayed in the library, written out beautifully by the children, illustrated and laminated, with cover art by Cameron (Year 6) and Munashe (Year 3) who jointly won the ‘Design a Cover Competition’.

    For a sneaky peak at our book, see below! And watch this space. We think this won’t be the last you hear of Cheeky Charlie…