Category: History

  1. Verulamium Museum

    By Oscar (Year 5) and Tanya (Year 4)

    As a whole school we went to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans to support our work on The Romans. We split into two groups. We started by looking around the museum there were massive mosaics and skeletons. They had clay pots that had been dug up from under the ground and we found out other interesting facts. We then went to a Market workshop, this was really fun. We had to go to different stalls and buy things from our shopping lists; it was funny as we were all dressed up in roman tunics. At the end of the trip we went to the park before going back to school.

  2. Trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

    As part of their history curriculum this term the Reception and Year One class went for a day trip to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. They were given a guided tour which allowed them an insight into Victorian life and travel. During the tour the children had the opportunity to sort some letters on the old mail train and talked to an engine driver who explained how the steam engine worked and how they used to cook their breakfast on a shovel.

    The highlight of the day was definitely the two rides. The first was on the miniature railway where it was hard to decide who had more fun the children or the teachers! The second was the experience of riding on a real steam train where the children got an idea of how Victorian people would have travelled to the seaside.

    Everyone had a lovely day and the children certainly left with a better understanding of Victorian travel.

  3. Numeracy Week and Bletchley Park Trip

    This year for Numeracy week we were looking at different types of code. In our classes we cracked codes and made our own secret messages for others to try and break. Reception wrote their names in numbers, Year 1 ‘cracked’ jokes, Years 2 and 3 worked out messages from Aliens and Years 4, 5 and 6 became secret agents for the government.

    As part of Numeracy week and related to our History studies last term Years 2 – 6 visited Bletchley Park, home of the Code Breaking machine Enigma. Whilst there we found out what life was like on the home front during World War 2 and what it was like to be an evacuee. We were treated to an old style cinema showcasing actual World War 2 footage, which was fascinating. Finally after exploring the grounds of this former ‘top secret’ base camp we had a workshop looking at decoding different codes and ciphers using pocket Enigma’s. We all had a fantastic day.

  4. Tudor Day

    Photos: Tudor Day

    Never has so much velvet been seen in one place at one time, as at St George’s School on Tudor Day.

    The school was awash with little Tudor kings, queens and noblemen all gathered together to learn about the time of King Henry VIII. Led by musician and historian Richard York, the children (and teachers) were taught a variety of Tudor dances and music. Mr York brought in an astonishing array of authentic instruments including harps, drums, recorders, baroque bagpipes, crumhorns and rebecs.

    He gave each class a fascinating talk about how the Tudor’s lived, from the clothes they wore and the lives of the rich and poor, to the role and impact of Henry VIII and his six wives. Then he demonstrated all his instruments and afterwards the children were delighted to be trusted to have a go themselves in order to make their own music.

    Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day and learned  a lot.