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  1. Music Week!

    Music Week was a very noisy affair this year with Percussion being the key theme of the week. First, children were very thrilled to welcome Maria, who ran an exciting World Percussion workshop and taught children how to play Latin rhythms using djembe drums, claves and tambourims to make a samba band, led by Maria’s samba whistle.

    Later in the week Mr Marshall, the school drum teacher came to visit. He showed children all different styles of drumming, ranging from jazz to rock to latin, and let some lucky volunteers have a go the different parts of the kit, working together to create a beat.

    Trying out the drum set

  2. The Sound of Music

    Never before have the sounds of horses been heard trotting through the school, or the melodies of swishing grass filled the classrooms – that is, until Music Week 2016.

    This year’s Music Week was all about exploring different styles of music and sound. One of the main activities was the Sound Effects Challenge. The children took on the roles of Foley artists and were given the task of creating a narrative which they had to bring to life and record with sound effects from a given list. Armed with a box of percussion instruments and random household objects, the way they produced these sound effects was completely up to them and their own ingenuity. All age groups had a great time experimenting with noises (much to the delight of the teachers!) and everyone managed to enjoy the activity at their own level.

    There was no let up for the teachers’ ears as Mr Marshall, St George’s resident drum and piano tutor joined us the next day to give his annual drum demo and workshop. Showing off different drum styles ranging from rocky, Bon Jovi beats, to jungle – style drums, to the most jazzy rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ we’d ever heard, Mr Marshall delighted the children with what’s possible on a humble school drum kit. Some lucky volunteers were thrilled to get a go and showcase hidden talents by learning some basic techniques and beats.

    To top off the week, Culture Day brought with it the sounds of different nations across the globe, as the children were treated to an eclectic mix of songs and dances from places ranging from South America to France and Africa to Ireland.

    Below are some photos some of the highlights of Music Week 2016:

    Music Week 1

    Music Week 2 Music Week 3

  3. Singathon

    We did it! Congratulations to all children for completing their slot as part of the Singathon with the Salvation Army. We had a great variety of music from reggae to pop, musical theatre to dance numbers. All were sung with wonderful enthusiasm and energy, and the children’s behaviour was exemplary as always. We are still collecting sponsorship money and will let you know our total amount raised in due course. Many thanks to all involved.

  4. Singing to the Over 75’s Club

    On the 19th of November we took the school to the Salvation Army Hall in Dunstable to sing for the Over 75’s Club. The children entertained them with a medley of songs from our Christmas play and gave them a sneak preview of the songs that we will be singing at The Grove Theatre at the end of the month.

    This is always a lovely morning for the children and after the singing they really enjoy sitting and having a chat with the ladies and gentlemen from the club, where the topics of conversation ranged from knitting and schoolwork to music and fashion.

    Before we left we were presented with a beautiful hand knitted Nativity scene which has pride of place in the School hall.

  5. Dress up and Dance for Macmillan

    The usual smart St George’s uniforms were banished on Friday as grey shorts and pink dresses were swapped for crazy dance outfits and costumes ranging from Michael Jackson to a clown, to a neon fairy and even a killer whale, as children raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Each child donated £2 to the charity in order to come to school dressed in their most fun outfit and spend their day immersed in dance.

    Children spent their morning learning about dance from other countries and cultures, traditional dance costumes and different styles of dance music. Reception even got creative and made masks to wear while they were dancing.

    After lunch the playground was the liveliest venue in Dunstable as children happily whiled away their afternoon bopping in the sunshine. First off was a preview of their Arts Presentation Evening routines to the staff, followed by a huge freestyle circle which gave every child the chance to enter the circle and show off their own moves to the group. Before Home Time there was just enough for a St George’s mini-disco where children were let loose on the dance floor to make up their own dances to some of their favourite songs.

    Everyone had a fantastic day and we raised over £100 for Macmillan. Well done, Children!

  6. Music Week

    Priory Road has been alive with the sound of music!

    Priory Road has been alive with the sound of music these past few days as children at St George’s school have thrown themselves into Music Week with gusto.
    To kick off Music Week with a bang (quite literally!) Mr Marshall, the school’s resident drum and piano teacher came to give the children a drum workshop, teaching them about the different parts of the kit, wowing them with a demo and even letting a few lucky volunteers come up and have a go.

    Everyone had great fun taking part in activities throughout the week, including decorating trumpets, free percussion sessions and musical listening games for Reception, tambourine making for Year One, and rhythm workshops as well as an Orchestra Super Quiz for Years 1-6. Children learned to read, play and perform notated rhythms at varying levels and explored in depth the different sections and instruments in the orchestra. They had the opportunity to watch and listen to performances on the interactive whiteboard ranging from ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ played by two flutes, to Pharell Williams’ ‘Happy’ on the trombone, to an incredible rendition of ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ from ‘Harry Potter’ played by The London Symphony Orchestra.

    The event culminated in a poster competition for children to design a Music Week poster, illustrating their favourite musical activities and things that they learned over the course of the week. The winning design (shown below) was a beautiful poster created by Esther in Year Two.

    SUNP0094 SUNP0106

  7. Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama

    Wow! What a fantastic (and exhausting) week we have had at the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. All the children entered delivered polished performances with great confidence and enthusiasm. The week started off with a bang as we gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Year 2 class (a feat we have never achieved before!) and 2nd place in the Year 3 category. St. George’s competitors went on to gain many more places and accolades throughout the week, ending on a brilliant high on Friday afternoon with our final entrant, Kelly, achieving 1st place in the Year 4 group. I was so proud of the spirit of good sportsmanship shown by all our entrants. They gave each other unwavering support throughout the week and celebrated each other’s achievements with genuine pride in their schoolmates. A huge congratulations to all our entrants and a big thank you to all their parents for their support.

  8. Bedfordshire Festival

    Mrs Newman and I could hardly believe it was that time of year again.  The first week in March brought with it this year’s Bedfordshire Festival of Music and Speech and Drama.  We had a great variety of poems to show this year; some very funny, some a little scary, some rather mysterious and all needing a lot of work to get just right.  The children, as usual, practiced tirelessly; taking on board our comments and putting their own unique twists on their poems.

    Our week started and finished on highs with us claiming third place on our first day and first place on our last day, with many placings and wonderful achievements in between.  We were, once again, so proud of the courage, confidence and good behavior each one of our children demonstrated throughout the process.

    We felt it only right to treat them at the end of what was an exhausting week, and could think of no better way to do that than a trip to Pizza Hut, which was immensely enjoyed by all!  Well done and congratulations to all the participants and thank-you once again to all the parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and grandparents who came to support the children throughout the week.

    Miss Plater

  9. Singing at Chiltern Views

    We were delighted to be able to take the older children in the choir to Chiltern Views Care Home in West Street, Dunstable. We sang a wide variety of songs from Victorian classics to modern pop songs. The residents particularly enjoyed a rousing rendition of ‘Pack up your Troubles’ with much audience participation! The younger children brought tears to the eyes of many with their performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. As always, we were so proud of the behaviour of all our children and the way they treated all the residents with patience and respect.

  10. Music Week

    At the beginning of this term our piano teacher, Emma, organised a week of fantastic music activities for all the pupils. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the playing a variety of instruments in the early music workshop. This culminated in the oldest children learning and performing an early music song (along with Latin lyrics!). The younger children made their own instruments and the older children thought about everyday objects that can create different sound effects. We were also lucky enough to listen to extraordinary saxaphone, recorder and piano performances by two former pupils, both of whom have achieved Grade 8 in their instruments.