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  1. A Reception Shopping Spree

    The Reception Class Shop

    There was great excitement in the Reception class today as we transformed the Home Corner into our very own shop. To tie in with our work on recognising coins and counting money,  the children thoroughly enjoyed their role-play, filling their shopping bags with goodies and paying for them at the till.

    Shopping 3 Shopping Spree!

  2. Numeracy Week

    Last week was Numeracy Week at St George’s. During this week extra emphasis is placed on Numeracy and this year we focused on showing the children how mathematics is used in daily life. Each class took part in a different everyday activity.

    Reception class learned about the Post Office and how numbers help get mail to the right people. They made their own post box and stamps, as well as sending a letter, using the real system.

    Years 1 and 2 had some very exciting news as they had a new member join their class, George/ Georgina (a teddy from the attic). As a treat for their new classmate they wanted to get the bear a treat so they visited a local shop and purchased a card and balloon to welcome them to their class. They had to work out how much the items would cost and how much money they needed to pay for them.

    Years 3 and 4 took on a baking challenge to make chocolate chip cookies. First they had to work out how much of each ingredient they needed and put that on a shopping list. Then armed with their list and a £5 budget they went to a local supermarket checking the weights and prices as they went. After managing the budget, with change to spare, they had to follow a recipe to make the cookies, carefully measuring out all the ingredients. In the end some yummy cookies were created!

    Years 5 and 6 were given a calorie task. They were given a selection of delicious snacks to choose from, ranging from raisins to gingerbread men. Once they had chosen their snacks they had to calculate the number of calories they contained. Then they had to research exercises which would burn off those calories, such as jumping jacks and jogging. In order to enjoy their tasty snack they had to earn it by burning that number of calories. I think some of them regretted their choices but all the snacks went down a treat.


    numeracy3   numeracy2



  3. ‘Numeracy in Action and Work’ – Numeracy Week 2016

    Children on a numeracy challenge

    The week starting January 11th was the annual Numeracy Week here at St George’s School. This year we wanted to focus on seeing numeracy in ‘action’ and finding out its’ importance in the world around us. Each class spent the week looking for ‘Numeracy around the school’. We looked for it in the playground, corridors and class rooms. Through the week we discussed our findings and each class produced a Numeracy Trail. The trails were made up of a series of questions that the children needed to investigate such as:

    • How many tyres are there in the playground?
    • What shape is the garage door handle?
    • How many pieces of work are displayed on the notice board?

    We then shared our trails in the Friday assembly before tackling the trails by working our way around the school. It was amazing how important numeracy proved to be in the way the school works. Key Stage 2 used Numeracy to research different jobs and how they use numeracy, they then presented their findings. One things was clear from all their projects numeracy is very important to almost all jobs.

  4. Numeracy Week

    By Fabio (Year 5) and Millie (Year 4)

    During Numeracy Week the focus was designing a game. In Reception they made a bean bag number game. In Year 1 they made Number Bonds to 20 Bingo, they really enjoyed playing it and making the cards. In Years 2 and 3 they made board games and card games called The Amazing Quiz Diz and Magic Numbers. In Years 4, 5 and 6 we made three board games that looked at fractions, decimals and other numeracy methods. We are really happy with our games and enjoyed Numeracy Week!

  5. Assessments

    Over the last two weeks all the children from Year 1 – 6 have been working hard on their assessments. In line with the new curriculum the school has introduced a brand new assessment scheme which assesses English and Mathematics. These tests are designed to track each child’s progress throughout the year without the need for National Curriculum levels which are no longer being used from September 2015. The Literacy tests are for Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. The Numeracy tests look at all areas such as number and place value, calculations, mental mathematics and measurements. These tests will then be used to track progress, inform future planning and to set individual targets which will be agreed with the child.

  6. Numeracy Week and Bletchley Park Trip

    This year for Numeracy week we were looking at different types of code. In our classes we cracked codes and made our own secret messages for others to try and break. Reception wrote their names in numbers, Year 1 ‘cracked’ jokes, Years 2 and 3 worked out messages from Aliens and Years 4, 5 and 6 became secret agents for the government.

    As part of Numeracy week and related to our History studies last term Years 2 – 6 visited Bletchley Park, home of the Code Breaking machine Enigma. Whilst there we found out what life was like on the home front during World War 2 and what it was like to be an evacuee. We were treated to an old style cinema showcasing actual World War 2 footage, which was fascinating. Finally after exploring the grounds of this former ‘top secret’ base camp we had a workshop looking at decoding different codes and ciphers using pocket Enigma’s. We all had a fantastic day.