Archive: Nov 2012

  1. Bikeability

    On Wednesday 7th November the school took part in a Bikeability course. The children brought their bikes to school, had fun and learn lots of skills. The beginner class saw children learn how to ride their bikes with the help of their parents. The intermediate class learnt some important skills such as emergency stops, indicating using their arms and weaving in and out of cones. We were delighted to have 6 children pass their Level 1 badge.

  2. National Heroes Day

    On Friday, 19th October we took part in the second Official National Heroes Day.  All children in the School dressed up as their heroes and donated £1 to the Charity Help for Heroes.  Our heroes included Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, fire fighters, doctors and many more.  The children from the nursery dressed in our national colours to show their support and donated to the same cause.  We had a fantastic day filled with hero themed games and activities, finishing with a very competitive heroes quiz.

    To further support our soldiers, we also asked the children to bring in treats that we are currently packaging up and will soon be on their way to service men and women in Afghanistan.  We know how much these care packages are appreciated, as we have had lovely letters back from the soldiers who received them last year.

    Thank you to all parents and children who supported this very worthwhile cause.