Archive: Jun 2013

  1. Blows Downs

    It was with some trepidation that we left the school on our orienteering task, led by the children with only a street map to show the way. Our nerves soon dissipated as the children showed great skill in following the course.  Thankfully, all groups made it successfully to the meeting point at the bottom of Blows Downs. We started our ascent and found the perfect spot to look back at Dunstable and put into practise our work on landscape drawings.  Mr Compton decided to explore further and, after almost coming face to face with a cow, swiftly retreated back to the group.

    We had a wonderful picnic lunch in the beautiful sunshine but the treasure hunt was hampered somewhat as our treasure began to melt! After saving the treasure (by eating it quickly!) we decided to have an open air talent show. The crowd cheered as dancing, singing and comedy acts took to our make shift stage in the shade.

    The children had a fantastic day exploring our local countryside and enjoying a rare sunny day in Dunstable.

  2. Ashridge trip

    After a week of glorious sunshine, we were feeling positive about our trip to Ashridge Park. We planned a day of walking through the forest and playing rounders with the sun on our backs. The nearer the day of the trip became however, the more pessimistic the weather reports were.

    We certainly did not let the rain dampen our spirits! The children and staff donned their waterproofs and took the opportunity to show off a very colourful array of wellies.  The walk through the woods allowed us to spot lots of different animal and plant life. The children walked for nearly two hours with very little complaining about aching feet. On the return leg, the picnic field was a very pleasing sight as we had worked up a good appetite for our lunch. This, however, was the time that the wind and rain struck. Mrs. Newman, wanting to make the best of the situation, found a kite in the gift shop and the trip was saved. We built dens to shelter from the rain and had a wonderful time flying kites in the wind!

    After an exhausting day, the coach journey home was unusually quiet and I’ve heard reports that a very good night’s sleep was had by all!