Archive: May 2014

  1. English Speaking Board Examinations 2014

    Friday 9th of May was the day for the ESB exams. The children came prepared to recite their poems, read from their books and give their presentations. This year we had talks on a variety of topics ranging from Build-a-Bear Parties and Making Banana Bread to Knitting and Art. The examiner Ken Melber made the children feel at ease straight away and commented on how much he had enjoyed listening to them and sampling the banana bread!

    After a week the results were in and once again these were of a very high standard. Of the ten children taking the exam one received a Merit Plus and nine achieved a Distinction, the highest grade. Well done children a fantastic set of results.

    We now look forward to the Arts Presentation Evening on the 8th of July when these children will be presenting some work for us and receiving their certificates.

  2. Reception Class say goodbye to the chicks

    Reception Class are preparing to say goodbye to the chicks we have been mother to for the last two weeks. Having welcomed our little feathered friends as a collection of eggs, the children have been delighted to watch them hatch and grow bigger by the day. The class have learned all about what they eat and drink, how to clean them out and how to handle them safely. Each child has had the chance to stroke and hold the chicks and has produced some beautiful writing and artwork about them. The children have shown great enthusiasm and maturity in caring for the chicks and we will be sorry to see them go back to the farm.