Archive: Jun 2014

  1. Macmillan Cancer Support’s Dress up and Dance Day

    The school and nursery were filled with colour and song on Friday 20th June as we took part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s Dress up and Dance Day. There was so much enthusiasm for this event, as the children donated £2 to wear their favourite dance outfits all day. We had beautiful ballerinas, hip hop artists and even a raver from the 80’s. Throughout the day the children learnt about the important work of Macmillan nurses and how they support children with cancer. In the afternoon they were able to put their costumes to good use and show off their best moves. Thank you to all the parents for your generosity in helping us to support this cause.

  2. Trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

    As part of their history curriculum this term the Reception and Year One class went for a day trip to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. They were given a guided tour which allowed them an insight into Victorian life and travel. During the tour the children had the opportunity to sort some letters on the old mail train and talked to an engine driver who explained how the steam engine worked and how they used to cook their breakfast on a shovel.

    The highlight of the day was definitely the two rides. The first was on the miniature railway where it was hard to decide who had more fun the children or the teachers! The second was the experience of riding on a real steam train where the children got an idea of how Victorian people would have travelled to the seaside.

    Everyone had a lovely day and the children certainly left with a better understanding of Victorian travel.