Archive: Apr 2015

  1. Verulamium Museum

    By Oscar (Year 5) and Tanya (Year 4)

    As a whole school we went to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans to support our work on The Romans. We split into two groups. We started by looking around the museum there were massive mosaics and skeletons. They had clay pots that had been dug up from under the ground and we found out other interesting facts. We then went to a Market workshop, this was really fun. We had to go to different stalls and buy things from our shopping lists; it was funny as we were all dressed up in roman tunics. At the end of the trip we went to the park before going back to school.

  2. Judaism Talk

    By Kelly (Year 5) and Iteoluwa (Year 4)

    On Wednesday 18th Mrs Schwei came in to school to talk to us about the Jewish religion which we have been learning about in R.E. First she told us some facts about the Synagogue. We found out that men and women sit separately to help them focus. She told us their main beliefs and some of the things they do. She had some things for us to look at like a Torah scroll. Finally we were able to ask any questions. She was really nice and we learnt a lot.

  3. Comic Relief

    By Ingrid (Year 4) and Chanel (Year 4)

    Friday 13th March was Comic Relief. We got to dress up in red clothes and wear our red noses. We made a donation of £1 to help raise money for the charity. We had a really fun day as we did different activities. We decorated cupcakes to take home by putting things like moustaches and chocolate buttons on. We made funny faces by cutting out noses and colouring wacky hair styles. We also got to make our own red nose.