Archive: Jul 2015

  1. Phasels Wood Camping Trip

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    What a fantastic few days we had at Phasels Wood!

    Upon arrival at the camp we put up our tents, with a small amount of help from the instructor, and became familiar with our new surroundings.  Without much time to settle in we made our way to the zip wire.  After preparing our harnesses we ascended the tower one by one and started our journey through the trees! Before we had even caught out breath we headed to the Cresta Run, we decided this is best described as a cross between tobogganing and go-karting, and certainly provided a lot of fun.  We went on to an evening of dinner, collecting firewood and lots of campfire songs.  We woke up slightly bleary eyed after a cold night but soon warmed up with breakfast, team challenges (which ended in a draw) and peddle racers.  We practised our aiming skills with archery and attempted abseiling with a certain amount of trepidation.  That evening we were visited by Mrs Newman and Mrs Evans, who bought us lots of goodies and we attempted the age old campfire tradition of toasting marshmallows.  The second night was slightly warmer, allowing us a little more sleep.  This was much needed for our first event the next day – pot holing.  This was the most challenging activity, I think we’re all still recovering from that one!  Our trip ended with a fantastic game of aeroball, which can only be described as basketball on trampolines!

    We were so proud of the behaviour and maturity of all the children throughout the trip; apparently the instructors were all desperate to be with our group.  All the children pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and tried at least one completely new activity.

    Although it took a long weekend of sleep to recover, it really was a wonderful trip.

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  2. Knebworth House and Gardens

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    Friday 26th of June was the day for our whole school end of year trip. We took the children to Knebworth House and Gardens where we had arranged two morning educational workshops and an afternoon at the adventure playground.

    The Reception and Year One classes had a lovely time being shown around the beautiful gardens. They attempted the maze (which was not as easy as they first thought) but they did manage to get to the middle and luckily found their way out again. They also enjoyed exploring the wood where they saw lots of life-size dinosaurs and discovered many facts about them.

    The children from Year Two to Year Six were treated to an inspiring writer’s workshop inside the house. They were given a tour by a very knowledgeable guide who shared all kinds of interesting stories about the history of the house with them. During the writing session the children’s work showed that the surroundings had certainly captured their imaginations.

    After a picnic lunch the afternoon was spent at Fort Knebworth and the adventure playground where a great time was had by all!