Archive: 2016

  1. Children in Need

    Friday 18th November was Children in Need day. The children donated £1 for coming to school in non-uniform and this along with our traditional cake sale raised just over £179. Thank you to everyone who donated and bought cakes for this great cause.

  2. Leaves

    Autumn leaves into art

    Leaves of many colours have been falling in our playground for the last few weeks and we decided to make the most of this beauty in our own artwork. These leaves are now owl’s wings and hedgehog’s spikes. Look out for these little creatures next time you are walking around the school!

  3. Autumn Hunt

    The weather may not have been kind to us but we weren’t going to let a little bit of rain ruin Friday’s Autumn hunt. Prepared for every eventuality, the whole school donned wellies, woolies and waterproofs and our eager group of nature seekers headed for the Blows Downs.

    Each child had their own tick list of plants and animals they had to try and spot on our walk and a treasure bag to fill with natural goodies we found on our way. The children had a lovely time exploring footpaths and hedgerows and bags were soon bursting with brightly coloured leaves, shiny conkers, seed pods, rose hips, feathers, crab apples and lots more. We also found things that we couldn’t put in our bags, including various wild berries, fungi and a giant animal hole that sparked imagination.

    Everyone ended up a little soggy, but the bonus of rain – lots of puddles to splash around in! And best of all…starving after so much exploring…we arrived back just in time for lunch!

  4. Documentary production

    This term the Year 5 and 6 children have been turning their hands to documentary making. They have gained an understanding of every part of the process from researching their chosen subjects and investigating camera angles to interviewing staff and children and perfecting their presentation styles. We’re looking forward to showing you our finished films!

  5. Welcome baby Aoife

    Baby Aoife arrived too quickly for us to throw Leanne a baby shower so the older girls decided to arrange a baby welcoming party instead! It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with our guests of honour and see them both doing so well. All the children had a piece of cake and some juice to celebrate the new member of our school family. Everything from the decorations to the nappy cake was organised by Kelly and Chanel – I’m sure you’ll agree they did a fantastic job, well done girls and welcome baby Aoife!

    Welcome presents

  6. Harvest Time

    Harvest Time at St George’s School is always quite an occasion, as all the children learn where their food has come from and how lucky they are to have enough to eat. The older children have talked about the food bank and various Harvest themed activities have taken place lower down the school, looking at farming, gardening, how the food is grown and the importance of sharing. In Reception, the children have been finding out (from the Little Red Hen) how bread is made, digging up vegetables and even stuffing old clothes with straw to make their very own scarecrow – George – for the vegetable patch.

    Of course, our main focus amidst all of this was our Harvest Festival on 5th October at the Priory Church. The Spoken English group performed Harvest poems and delighted parents with their musical adaptation of ‘The Enormous Turnip,’ accompanied in all the songs by the whole school. In preparation for the service, parents and children had kindly been donating food to be presented to the church to pass on to the local food bank. In his address Rev Andrews remarked that he could not believe how much food one small school had collected!

    Thank you so much to all the parents who donated for your generosity and to those who took time out to come and see our Harvest Festival. We are very proud of all our children for putting on an excellent performance, once again.

  7. Healthy living lessons

    In Years 3 & 4 we have been looking at healthy living and balanced diets during our Science lessons. The children have been split into groups and are working as ‘personal trainers’ for different ‘clients’. Over the past few weeks we they have been studying the amount of fruit and vegetables and tablespoons of sugar in their client’s diet. We have been creating bar charts and report portfolios to present to the clients containing suggested meals and fitness plans to help them stay fit and healthy.

  8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

    In a society where there is ever increasing concern and information about looking after the environment, this year we decided it would be valuable and important to teach our children about how they can contribute to their environment.

    This topic will be covered in a variety of ways: through providing information and educating the children in assemblies and lessons, modelling practical tips for them to use and visits to our local environment.

    The three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will provide the basis for this topic. We will be discussing the importance of only using what we need and not wasting valuable resources such as food water and electricity. Reusing will be shown through sharing and giving to charity, we will be asking the children what we could do with products rather than throw them away. Our in-school recycling procedures will also be updated with new recycling bins placed in every classroom to make it easier than ever for the children to get into the habit of recycling.

    The future of our environment lies in the hands of children and we believe that appreciation and respect for their environment are important values to instill at a young age.

    If you have any suggestions as to how we can further implement this topic into school life please feel free to let us know.

  9. Team Building!

    For the next two weeks we will be integrating some exciting, practical problem solving time into our curriculum.  During these sessions the children will be guided to solve a variety of problems in mixed age groups from Reception to Year 6. The problems will be designed to stretch children’s thinking skills and and encourage leadership and cooperation.

    Children learn best when they are having fun and that is exactly what we intend these sessions to bring. Teachers will be guiding the groups to ensure that all ideas are listened to and lateral thinking, persisting in the face of setbacks, embracing challenge and supporting each other will be strongly encouraged. However, when it comes to the problem we will not be guiding them to a particular solution – that will be up to the children!

    The sessions will each have a different focus e.g. communication, construction etc. Check our Facebook page for more details on the specific challenges and to see how the children get on!

  10. School Council Elections

    The elections for the School Council this year were held last week. Each class elected two members to become their representatives on the Council. The children each gave their reasons as to why they should be voted in and we all enjoyed listening to their proposals. After the votes were counted the results were announced in the assembly.

    The School Council for 2016-2017 

    • Kelly Dhliwayo – Chairperson
    • Chanel Chipuka – Deputy Chairperson
    • Shanaya Lewis – Secretary
    • Zara Leon – Secretary
    • Josh Samson – Treasurer
    • Jennifer Nnadozie – Member
    • Ire Adebote – Member

    They will keep you informed of any events and activities planned during the year. We wish them well in their term of office.