Archive: Mar 2017

  1. Key Stage 2 Games

    This term we have been learning how to play volleyball. We have learnt the skills of serving, hitting and having rallies. We are split into three teams and each week we compete in a mini league. We are very excited to share some photographs of us playing!

  2. Computing

    Years 1 and 2 have been learning programming using the Bee Bot floor robots. Over the last couple of weeks they have been designing their own maps to navigate the robots around. Today we have been testing these maps out and writing down the commands.

    image2  Bee Bot robots

  3. Knitting club’s latest project

    The leaders of Knitting Club

    We are delighted to report that our fantastic Knitting Club has a new project and it couldn’t be for a better cause. Led by three Year 5 & 6 girls, Chanel, Kelly and Hannah, the children in Knitting Club have been working hard to knit little blankets, hats and soft toys for premature babies at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

    It was the girls’ own idea and their friends were more than happy to help. The girls explained, ‘Chanel’s mum usually makes a donation to the unit and she suggested maybe we would like to donate something. We decided that we would make things in Knitting Club to donate. We have been putting the blankets, hats and soft toys in bundles like gift packs for the babies. We’ve been knitting in all our spare time! So far we’ve made ten packs but we will keep going and are hoping to make it a regular thing. Every month or term, one of our mums will drop in the gifts we have made to the hospital.’

    We are so proud of all the children involved and wish them well with such a worthwhile project.